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Who are 7FC?

A UK Systems Consultancy With A Speciality for Hospitality

7FC is a Digital Transformation Consultancy based in the UK. We are a partner in Oracle OPERA Cloud implementations and played a key part of one of the largest Hospitality System implementations in Europ, with Fusion and Opera at Whitbread. 

Combined, our Partners and Associates have decades of experience with a wide range of different systems and running complex systems integrations in the Hospitality Industry.

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Unlock Success with Our Hospitality Services


Seamless integrations with OHIP API, transactional and analytics data interfaces, accelerated Opera implementations. Streamline operations, gain a competitive edge. Partner with us for growth.

Big Data Analytics

Leverage seamless integrations, big data management, and Oracle Analytics capability. Gain a competitive edge through streamlined operations and data-driven insights. Partner with us for growth.

Data Migration

Seamless data migration with our expert project management team. Specialising in accounting, bookings, and deposits. Prime Data integrates with Opera for data cleanse and configuration. Trust us for efficient migration.

Project Management

Expertly manage projects with our capabilities. Trusted by Whitbread, we integrate Azure, OHIP, Pricing Engines, Data Warehouse, and Customer Data Hub. Our team drives successful implementations. Partner with us for efficient project management and Opera implementation.


Unlock expert solution architecture for Opera systems. Trusted by industry leaders, we excel in complex architecture and legacy migration. Partner with us for scalable solutions and optimized integration.


Seamlessly integrate Opera systems with our expertise. Trusted leaders in complex architecture and migration. Global-scale OHIP integrations with Microsoft, Azure, and online booking. Streamline operations, unlock growth.

Infrastructure Management

Expertly manage infrastructure with our comprehensive solutions. Trusted by Whitbread, we excel in sustaining Opera implementations. Partner with us for seamless infrastructure management.


Expertly configure systems with our expertise. 7FC leverages Opera tools for seamless configuration. Benefit from our global solutions and pre-configured Project Implementation Workbook. Partner with us for streamlined implementation.

User Access Control

Seamlessly manage user access with our expertise. Set up role-based access from single users to support centers. Benefit from our pre-designed roles for Opera operations. Partner with us for streamlined user access control.

Finance Integration

Seamlessly integrate finance with our expertise. Leverage Opera, Fusion, and other ERP capabilities. Trust our project management and implementation services. Experience integrated financial solutions with account mapping and reporting. Streamline operations with fast Fusion configuration.

Service Management

Efficiently manage services with our expertise. Supported Whitbread's service team with ServiceNow integration using AppDynamics and Opera tools. Streamline service management for enhanced efficiency.

Pricing Engines

Expertly handle complex pricing solutions. Integrate pricing engines with Opera for continuous updates based on local demographics. Benefit from our expert capability. Partner with us for streamlined pricing integration for all organization types.

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