On-Premise vs Cloud ERP in 2021

Challenges of 2020 – On-Premise ERP

It’s an understatement to say that 2020 has been a challenging and difficult year for manufacturers, supply chain, retail, hospitality, services and distribution organisations.

Companies that have on-premise legacy ERP systems struggled to make the changes quickly and were challenged by the need for employees to work remotely.


Companies Already on Cloud ERP Solutions

Companies that have already implemented a cloud based ERP had the flexibility, the agility, to better deal with all of the disruption from COVID-19. Being cloud-based allowed many of their employees to work from anywhere, with secure access to the systems they needed with little to no development required.

But you don’t need a worldwide pandemic to realise that your ERP System  is not keeping up with the changes in technology, your business, and the needs of your customers.

Overcome the difficulties with a Cloud Based ERP Solution

If you’re still struggling with your old ERP; a system that doesn’t fit or support the growth plans for your business anymore, that is several versions behind because you’ve customised the application so much that the upgrades is too time-consuming and expensive; it can feel like you’re stuck with your current ERP System forever.

But it’s not all bad news….

The good news is that cloud based new technologies have made ERP solutions in 2021 drastically better than older on-premise ERP’s. In early 2020, analysts like Gartner were already predicting that the “changing nature of ERP” is giving companies new and exciting opportunities to transform how they do business and improve efficiency massively.

When you’re ready for that opportunity to transform your business by replacing your old ERP systems in 2021, how do you choose the right transformation business partner?

The right partner will help you through the process including:

  • Choosing a new Cloud ERP system with long-term potential
  • Identify the requirements that the Cloud ERP solutions must support
  • Designing and Implementing your New Cloud Based ERP solution
  • Supporting training and cutover from legacy to new

Here at 7FC we pride ourselves on being transformation experts, with on hand ERP and SME process experts. We are the right partner the choose for any ERP Transformation.

If you would like to speak to us to discuss your needs them please contact us today


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Cloud vs On-Premise ERP Solutions

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